Practical info

Here are some practical information.

  • Sun: Take sunscreen (preferably organic), a sun umbrella to protect you from the sun in summer and enough drink to hydrate you well.
  • Camping: Bring your own wood for fires (cutting and collecting wood is strictly forbidden on most of the islands and especially in the islands reserves) and bring back your rubbish.
  • Security: for your safety it is preferable to have a phone (be sure to have it charged)
  • Luggage: no extra charges for camping gear. To avoid last-minute inconveniences, it is preferable not to travel too heavily: one bag per person, a tent (with overnight necessities) and a cooler with a bag of food for 2. Sporting gear (kitesurfing / SUP), fishing gear and bulky camping equipment such as camping chairs and big tops are available on request only.
  • Payment in cash, by cheque or PayPal. The foreign currencies accepted are: Euro / Dollars AUS/NZ/US / Yenn
  • Reservation: you may be charged a reservation fee at the time of confirmation. They are payable in cash at “maison du lagon” house or directly with me.
    In case of cancellation, the refund conditions are as follows: less than 24 hours before departure 50% of the ticket price, otherwise the totality.